Tip 1

Liquid lipsticks are best worn alone and not in conjunction with any other product. You can however line the lips with a lip liner for a more precise touch.

Tip 2

Do not smack the lips together. Due to the ultra-matte formula, smacking or pressing the lips together is discouraged. We recommend allowing each layer a full 60 seconds to dry before applying the next

Tip 3

Do not forget to exfoliate.

Exfoliating is important to smooth and soften chapped lips. Applying the matte lipstick on chapped lips will result in flaking

Tip 4

Along with balms, Vaseline, chapstix, etc. These are highly discouraged if your goal is long wear. These products may have oils in them that break the lipsticks down

Tip 5

Do not eat oily foods. Oil breaks down the formula and you will experience crumbling

Tip 6

Do not forget to drink water, water is best for natural hydration of the lips

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